The Grappling Series mats are made for Jiu Jitsu and feature a multi-density foam tech that absorbs takedowns and provides maximum comfort.


SAMA Pro Grappling Mats Series

European design and development

















Sizes: 2mx1m, 1mx1m

Thickness: 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

Type: Permamant flooring

Application: Choose from 12 foams densities

Warranty: 15 year guarantee available








Fit the specific needs of your BJJ School, Uncomprimised sustainibility & capacity







Tailored-multi-density rebonded foam, Balance of best materials, Smooth non-slip easy clean







Made for Grapplers, Ground breaking appearance, Go to for pure BJJ Schools







Mats are the heartbeat of the gym, A good design focuses the rythym







Build your castle - Work with us to find the right installers who understand local needs







Shipping direct saves time and money, Mats made fresh just for you







Our Artwork


Artwork distinguishes, but most gyms make poor use of their logo


Investing our resources, we create someting that is a cut above the rest


There is no recipe for great art, But it starts with talent and motivation to get it right







Train longer, Get Better - Our Grappling Mats are built to increase time on the mats





Body Geometry


Fits like a glove - By tailoring the foam density to the needs of your gym, we maximize comfort





Fewer Injuries


Less is More - Fewer mat burn injuries, Less body wear and tear, Better motivation for students



Want the Pro Grappling Mats? Message us below!



Quick Facts:


  • Manufactured to preferred density

  • Smooth, easy-clean vinyl

  • Fully customizable

  • Specialized for Gi and No-gi

  • Custom artwork available

  • 15 year limited waranty available


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