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More than a wrestling mat, Quikflex© is simply the most customizable and high impact appearance roll-out-mat available for martial arts

Quikflex© Benefits:


This is the low maintenance solution in sports mats ✓ It is the quickest and easiest to assemble ✓ It reliably maintains shock absorption and resilience It has an industry-leading Velcro connection ✓ It has benchmark material quality and construction  ✓  We offer industry-leading service, support, and design ✓ It is as seamless as physically possible




Made to Order 

Permanent or Portable

✓ 15 year guarantee available



Logo Art

Graphics Art

✓ Safety Boundaries

Many colors

✓ Smooth or Tatami


Flame-laminated bond

Water-jet precision cut

Corrugated foam design

Cross-linked Closed-cell Foam

Optimal foam density

Wrestling shoes







Quick & Easy

Helping build your gym in minutes, you'll start training the same day





Ready 2 Roll

Made to fit your space and no extra fitting and cutting needed






Freedom from the tyranny of tape - Velcro eliminates the waste


Wall Pads

Quikflex wall padding is stunning - Maximise your usable floor space

Pole Pads

Quikflex pole pads are made to order and installed in seconds

Wall Artwork

We can help build your brand - Artwork that makes a difference








Difference Making Approach

We make the best possible use of your logo to cultivate a marketable impression


We work closely with our clients to discover results that exceed expectations






Personalised Training Spaces


We invent well-designed spaces that strike new ground in martial arts


We'll create something that is a cut above the rest





Event Systems

✓ Event mats are as much about branding as they are about the activities.

✓ Work with us to get the strategy right, for both your present and future needs.

Making a Difference


Quikflex© requires minimal maintenance and maintains shock absorption and resilience characteristics over a long period of time. The mats can be easily pulled from storage, and more quickly and easily assembled relative to any alternative (e.g. Folding Mats, Tatami Mats, Puzzle Mats). The rolls are lightweight, portable, and feature a corrugated backing for easy roll-up or roll-out. The latter also minimizes or eliminates curled edges. There is an industry leading velcro connection system commonly referred to as flexi-connect which forms a smooth and flat connection (as seamless as physically possible) between roll sections, and it is supported by foam underneath. These latter design features are the benchmark standard for this kind of mat. There is no need for additional lifting equipment. And, straps are supplied to protect each roll in storage and to assist with movement of the rolls. 


The manufacturing process uses water jet cutting to form precision corners and edges, and this production technique is the benchmark standard for this kind of sports mat. The materials are bonded using a flame-lamination process, which creates the strongest bond possible, and it is the benchmark standard. The vinyl cover is maximally durable and features a carefully crafted tatami texture pattern known for its distinct traction properties and unique aesthetic appeal, and it is the benchmark standard. The foam elected for this mat achieves the best possible balance between durability, safety and protection, and portability; and it is a benchmark standard for this kind of mat. Quikflex© is an industry leading roll-mat solution for sports and martial arts activities.

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