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Selected by gym owners around the globe, SAMA Mats are built for the modern MMA Gym or BJJ Academy


Partnering with SAMA

Save up to 40%

Membership Discount

SAMA can offer discounts for schools that belong to our partnering organizations, affiliations, or have memberships with our existing associations or franchise groups.

Just let us know which group you belong to, and very likely there is a discount for you.


Advertising Opportunities & Team Sponsorship:

SAMA can offer an appropriate discount structure in exchange for placing SAMA artwork on your mats or wall pads and providing professional photographs and/or high quality video of your facility. As well, we can support competitors with apparel for their events.


SAMA Event Sponsorship:

The event-advertising package provides the customer with the opportunity to purchase high quality matting for their event but with an appropriate discount structure in exchange for advertising and promotion of SAMA products.


SAMA Show Centre Discount:

We like to create great showpieces for customer viewings, these locations serve as examples of how to outfit a modern gym properly in order to protect athletes and maximize safety.

SAMA Training Centre:

We like to create a SAMA Training Centres, which feature high-end training products, and are examplars of a modern professional martial arts school. As well, a film crew will prepare videos for online advertizing and for the purposes of educating new customers about modern training centres and their advantages.

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