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The Pro Wall Pads can be fully tailored to suit every application and budget and we do not charge a premium for customization


SAMA Pro Wall Pads















Sizes: Fully Customisable (e.g. 1.0m, 1.5m, 1.8m, etc.)

Thickness: 50mm

Type: Permamant Wall Padding

Application: MMA and BJJ

Warranty: 15 year guarantee available





Padding that belongs:

Mat-matching, Easy clean vinyl, Sharp lines, Looks natural



Ground breaking appearance, Go to for permanant padding, Economical



Maximises usable space, Improves safety, Improves performance, Completes the area







Our Artwork


Artwork distinguishes, but most gyms make poor use of their logo


Investing our resources, we create something that is a cut above the rest


There is no recipe for great art, But it starts with talent and motivation to get it right



Train Longer

Veterans say that SAMA Wall Pads notably reduce their aches and pains and improve performance


Train Safer

Fits like a glove - Tailored density - Maximum comfort


Achieve Goals

Veterans say that students look forward to training, Perform better, Have more energy


Fitted Wall Pads

Quick Facts:

✓ Affordable customization

✓ Smooth, easy-clean vinyl

✓ Maximizes usable mat space

✓ Made for BJJ/MMA

✓ Matching SAMA artwork available

✓ Custom artwork available

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